Category removed?


I and one other member (sorry, I can’t remember the name) were discussing with Paul, then earlier today, Gordon, about the lack of updates on the category “Paul’s Posts”. This is here in the forum, not the separate link in the Community tab at the top of the page. Now the “Paul’s Posts” category has been removed along with any record of it. Was this done intentionally? Surprised me in that whoever did it didn’t bother to let me and (presumably) the other member know that was the resolution of the issue. Just seems a professional courtesy to notify the concerned parties …


Very odd.

Hopefully it can easily be undone and made to work as intended.


Nope, it was me and I deleted it all. Sorry if that’s upsetting. The original post suggested it made no sense to have the category if it couldn’t be maintained and I agreed. Once I figure out how to get the system to auto post I’ll add the forum back in. Sorry I didn’t let anyone know. My bad. crying_gif



I looked for it too as I finally figured out what pmotz was referring to.

Personally, I think community/Paul’s posts is a logical link and that another one in the forum threads would be superfluous.

If it really needs to be more obvious then a P’s P button that is always visible could be an option.


Paul, I’m OK with it being removed, after all it wasn’t being updated. The Community link to Paul’s Posts will work much easier than searching my e-mail for a particular post. I was annoyed it just disappeared, but I’ll give you a pass on this since you are such a busy guy. You operate at whole different level with all the posts you read, the posts you respond too, the posts you write, the product development, the product quality control, going to shows, and, oh yeah, running a company. Now this morning I read you are in Illinois, I get tired just reading about it. I lead such a dull life…


I am sure that’s not true. Mine’s hectic but fun. respect-047_gif