CD/LP music collection database for Mac and/or iOS/iPadOS

Is anyone here using a database that works on Mac and/or iOS/iPadOS to catalog their CD/LP collection? A good friend is using Collectorz, but I don’t like the monthly fee and I don’t need the advanced features. I’ve tried using discogs and the discogs app. The app is ok on the iPhone, but renders poorly as a phone app on the 12.9 iPad.

Look a CLZ music. They have an iOS app

The CLZ Music app is the same company as the Collectorz program on a Mac. You can check with them, but I think that you can purchase for a one time fee and then let your support for updates lapse, so that you would only need to purchase an update contract when they come out with a new feature that you want. That’s what I do for the PC version and the Android app, but I was grandfathered in on a Lifetime license.

Only their Music Connect program says that you always need an Active subscription, and it allows use on multiple computers and mobile devices. This App resides in the cloud, so you would need an internet connection to use it as opposed to having it installed locally on your computer.

Even though you may not need the advanced features, it is really quick and easy to add CDs to your database, especially if you have a bar code scanner (not included), which I highly recommend. If you want, you can now have separate databases for CDs and LPs. I haven’t tried cataloging LPs yet, so I don’t know how easy that is.

By uploading your database to their cloud storage, you can keep your Mac and iPhone database in sync. I have over 2200 CDs cataloged (and counting) and by having the App on my phone, I can easily check to see if I already have a CD when shopping, so that I don’t buy duplicates.

These guys are based in Germany and have provided quick response and excellent support the few times I have needed it. They are also working constantly to improve their product.

If you also want to catalog Movies, then they offer a small price break when you purchase both Music and Movie collector at the same time.

I have been using their software since 2002 and I highly recommend it.


+1^^ Agree with @bstanwick, I’ve been using Collectorz since approximately 2012. Purchased access up front and update when and if I’ve seen fit; maybe have done so once or twice? I trash all my CD cases and place 2 albums (back-to-back) in a Caselogic sleeve. The program assigns an index number and I use this to store in numerical order. Easy to find and no crazy alphabetizing.

I’ve created a numbering scheme for CD’s, HiRes (SACD, DVD-A) and video (DVD). 1XXX for CD’s, HiRes begin in the 7XXX series, video are 8XXX, and anything with 9XXXX is a digital file without a hard copy source. As of this moment I’m tracking 1,784 items.

Love being able to view my collection on my phone when out shopping the used bins! Just a minor correction, and not a big deal, but, if not mistaken, the company is based in the Netherlands.

I just checked and the Netherlands is correct. Still a country in Europe.

…or the world.:upside_down_face: Lived in Germany, traveled extensively throughout Europe, ski with many Dutch friends. Germany is a country they have to cross to get to the Alps for skiing. European’s like their distinct identities. Not just a continent. NY…CA…Texas…Yukon Territory…still in North America. LOL.:grinning: I’m just joking around. Back O/T…you provided a good summation of the software and am glad I purchased it.

Here is part of an email I received today that describes that new Subscription model. My guess is that they went this way to generate enough revenue for continued development.

" Indeed, for new customers the desktop software has become actual subscription software (on Feb 12, 2019) and since then “Update Plans” are called “subscriptions”. For those new customers, a subscription is necessary to use the CLZ online services (Cloud/Core/Find Cover).

Don’t worry: for existing customers , whose original Update Plan was started before Feb 12, 2019, nothing has changed !
Those pre-Feb-12 customers have been “grandfathered” on the old “Update Plan” policy and their Core, Cloud and Find Cover functionality will keep working, whether they have an active subscription or not.

However, just like before, they still need an active subscription to get access to software updates, like the 19.3 update above.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this grandfathered status is permanent, it will always “survive”. In other words, if you subscribe now and that subscription expires later, your account will “fall back” to your grandfathered status and your CLZ online services will still keep working!

I am using this:

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I use Tap Forms Mac to access essential details of my music library on my iPhone & iPad. I’ve found Album/classical work plus Artist/performer(s) is adequate to check when considering a buy.
To get the database in this form to load in Tap Forms Mac I continue to use iTunes, viewed in column browser mode. I remove (temporarily) all columns apart from song, album and album artist, and export this data to a text file. I then read this file into an Excel spreadsheet, remove all album+artist duplicates (i.e. all but 1 song in each album), then remove the song column, sort versus album or artist as required and export the resulting file to the desktop part of Tap Forms Mac.

If all you want to do is keep track of your collection, I use Discogs, which works on almost all OSs. It allows you to scan CDs and LPs into it by the barcodes. And it’s FREE!

With their scanning app, I use my iphone to enter CDs and DVDs to the data base. It works great.

Thanks to everyone for sharing.

This does exactly what I need in my Appleverse, and without all the CLZ extras I don’t need. A friend demoed CLZ for me yesterday and it’s just truly wonderful, but definitely more than I need at a much higher cost overall. Thanks for sharing this.

CLZ is fantastic and a friend demoed it for me yesterday. It’s just overkill for my needs. Thanks for the detailed response though.

After thoroughly exploring CDpedia and CLZ, this morning, I’ll summarize my findings so they may help others Apple users decide:

CLZ: Pros- Massive database of even many of my obscure jazz CDs. Works across all Apple devices. Cloud sync is automatic. Regular updates to software. Cons- Recurring costs for subscription model.

CDpedia: Pros- Apple-centric so fits in well with Appleverse setups, low one-time cost for software for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Cons- Uses their own lookup database that is user submitted and minimal compared to CLZ as in I couldn’t find most of my non major label CD titles and would need to enter them manually. No cloud sync…must sync own collection to a Mac. Unsure about regular updates that aren’t bug fixes.

Decision: I’m still evaluating time it would take to enter my collection into CDpedia. I’m leaning toward CLZ even though I detest subscription models (says the guy with Netflix and Amazon Prime).