Music player recommendations for iphone

I am looking for a music player app for the iphone to play saved files similar to how an ipod would work. Ability to create playlists, play be genre, etc. Any recommendations?

I use KaiserTone.

I used VOX for a while, had excellent reviews and handles FLAC files ok:

‎VOX – MP3 & FLAC Music Player on the App Store (

Has a Mac app also in case that’s of value.

@SpyderTracks What are you using now i.e. if you are using one?

I’ll check both of these out.

I now use Plex, for mobile use I find it perfect. A lot of people quaff at the quality but I find it really good. And means I can stream off my own personal cloud which is convenient.

I’ve tried Vox and it sounds bad to me. Lifeless mid scooped sound.

I recommend OnkyoHF.