Software for cataloging music and book collections

During the next year or two, I will retire and consolidate two homes into one. This means, inter alia, selling a lot of books and some CDs and LPs. It occurred to me that I could probably scan the bar codes on books, CDs, and newer LPs with a device and get the info on line rather than type in a lot of stuff manually in preparation for selling. It would also be good to have a (relatively) complete record of what I own for insurance purposes.

I’ve googled and found that there is software that works with the cameras in phones/tablets to read barcodes and then look up information. Has anyone ever used any of these products? has some that looks good but I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this and can recommend product(s). Thanks!

I used Music Library from for years to maintain my collection. It became a bit redundant when I moved to different servers, like JRiver, for streaming. However for what you are looking for this could be a great option. They also have programs for Book collections and Movie Collections as well.


Thank you! Looks like Music Library has not been updated in a long time, but also may provide more flexibility than the other programs I’m looking at (although they do provide a reasonable number of options).

For those who are interested in this topic:

I just bought an iPad app (also available for Android) called CLZ Barry that will scan barcodes with the device’s camera and send them to whatever text field your cursor is in on your computer (a text document, spreadsheet cell, whatever will accept text). I tried and it actually works! (You do have to install a small companion program on your Mac/Win machine to enable the connection.) Now that I know I can get the barcodes in easily, I will look more carefully at the three book/CD database programs that I’ve found.