CD Transport for PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell

I recently purchased a Stellar Gain Cell, and am really pleased with it. I’d now like to add a CD Transport with a compatible I2S output. It seems the PerfectWave Transport is no longer available. So what are the available options. The Pro-Ject CD Box RS transport would suit my budget, and has an I2S output. However, it uses RJ45 for 12S. I can’t find an RJ45 to HDMI cable. Does such a cable exist? Do people use adaptors instead? Would the Pro-Ject’s I2S be compatible with that on the Stellar Gain Cell?

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I don’t think the Pro-Ject i2s can be used… not only because of the cable (and I’m not sure you will find an adapter cable…), but also because I do believe they are using a different communication standard then PS.

You can modify an OPPO to do the trick. Check out this thread DMP vs. Oppomod I2S Board?

Take a look at the NuPrime CDT 8 Pro CD Transport.
I2S via HDMI on this transport. I think it supports PS-Audio I2S-standard via HDMI.

Thank you for the replies. The NuPrime CDT 8 looks interesting. I think I’ll see if I can track one down in the UK.

Used PWTs are to be had as well…

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The CDT 8 is compatible. I’ve used one for well over a year.

I believe a new PS Audio transport is in the works, but it will not be a budget item. I’ve expressed a desire for a Stellar series transport (more than once), but I’m guessing it’s significantly down the priority list for new development.

It does seem strange for them to put so much emphasis on I2S being the best way to get signal from a CD transport to a DAC, and then not offer a device to do just that.

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How could they have known that OPPO would shut down?

With the DSD I honestly am very hard pressed to tell the difference between inputs (which was a goal of Mr. Smith’s). I especially had a hard time between HDMI and AES/EBU with the cables I was using for those inputs. I could more easily prefer one or the other with the PWD Mk 2. So I’m wondering if the I2S input has a big advantage with the DS Jr.

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Oppo made their announcement two years, three months ago.

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And PSA still had drives on hand to continue selling DMP’s for a long time after so no need for a new transport until the stock of drives ran out. The new transport will be released when it’s ready since it took months to negotiate the deal for a new SACD drive mechanism or would you rather they just released an inexpensive CD based unit?

Wonderful business strategy. Run out of a product, then find a replacement. I guess to some people, slow equals better quality.

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Plenty of other options if you don’t like their business strategy.

Exactly what I did. Duh.

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