Nuprime CDT-8 cd transport?

Anyone here currently using the I2S output of this transport into their DS Sr DAC ?
Do you find that using this connection offers better sound than the others digital outputs, eg coaxial?
Any issues at all with this transport?

I have had mine for over a year and it works great. I have used I2S but generally prefer AES/EBU.

In what ways did you like the AES/EBU over the I2S?
Have you used other cd transports? I have several cd players I can use as for the transport function only through their coaxial output, but have read about the theoretical advantages of I2S, so am thinking of this unit.

I have two DAC’s that I alternate between the DS and an Aqua La Voce S3. Lately it is more the Aqua and it doesn’t do I2S so it has just become easier to stick with the AES cable as I don’t do DSD and don’t really hear that much improvement if any. You may however in your system I just don’t. I’m just using a Neotech I2S cable and don’t find the need to try a high priced cable like the Wireworld Platinum to see if the difference is larger since the Nuprime is not my primary source.

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I would be curious about your experience, I own a Stellar Gain Cell DAC.

I play:

  • Red Book CD via optical input
  • Apple iTunes purchases (AAC at highest bit rate) from Apple Music via Bit Perfect and USB
  • Ripped CD’s from Apple Music (ALAC, Apple lossless) via Bit Perfect and USB
  • DSD 128 via Bit Perfect and USB

I can hear differences between AAC, ALAC and DSD. Comparing ALAC through USB to Red Book CD via Optical, I simply can not make up my mind for a preference.

I hoped I2S will make a night and day difference.
But than @dawkinsj compared AES/EBU to I2S, with AES/EBU being already an upscale interface, compared to S/PDIF.

I am already happy with what I have now compared to where I came from. I still utilize my approx, 30 year old Technics SL-P477A CD player with optical output. That’s in my home office. For my living room I am looking to upgrade from a Yamaha A/V set in stereo to more sophisticated sound when playing music.

I am wondering if the investment in I2S will be decent way to improve SQ. So as soon as somebody could share some more information, that would be welcome.

I would think replacing your transport would give the most improvement. Digital has come a long way in 30 years!

You might be right there.

So the question is conform the original post: if I were to buy a new CD player, would the NuPrime CGDT-8 connected via I2S sound a lot better than a regular player connected via Coax or Optical.

What I hear from many, is that unless you have a Direct Stream Media Player and listen to SACD there is seems not a lot to win with I2S, while theoretically it should sound better than optical or coax.

Feedback from the forum is useful, NuPrime is direct order and you will have a hard time finding a dealer that has PS-Audio I2S DACs and NuPrime CDT-8 available for listening.

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I have a DMP connected to my DSDac via WW platinum HDMI.
My Auralic Aries G2 connected via WW Platinum usb, sounds as good or better.

Interesting, all I read is that the Auralic Aries G2 is very good device anyway.
The fact that you still own the DMP, do you also simply like to play disks because of the touch and feel of playing disks?

I find electronics fascinating, but a mechanical turn table … I don’t claim one sounds better than the other, I am afraid it’s sentiment because I grew up with turntables, cassette decks, reel to reels and CD players.

I like the option, if, when, I have an issue with network or want to go retro! I rarely listen to my DMP, unless I’ve got a new SACD I want to audition. I keep hoping I’ll hear an SACD that sounds significantly better than other digital files I’m listening to. I may sacrifice the DMP when Ted’s new dac is released.


In my system to my ears I don’t hear a difference between I2S and AES to warrant spending the money on a top level HDMI cable over the $200 retail Neotech. Also since I now use the Aqua more than the DS Sr. that is even more so. It did however sound better than coax using a Wireworld Starlight coax cable. So in the end you would have to pay your money and take your chances. If my memory is correct the Nuprime is 795 Euros and $795 in the US. Here we have Audio Advisor so you can try it for 30 days and pay the return shipping to send it back. A safer bet for you if you don’t want to take the risk on the Nuprime would be the Audiolab CDT-6000 which is $495 here but again only optical and coax. It has multiple good reviews and the benefit of being a company on your continent.

As to Nuprime being direct order that is not necessarily true in your situation. There are 16 Nuprime distributors in the EU including one that covers your country so not likely Nuprime will sell to you directly anyway. I would contact that distributor and get a list of the dealers they support.

The theory is that I2S would is a better way to transit digital data from a source (cd transport) to a DAC.
The PSA DS Dac accepts I2S input.
The Nuprime CDT-8 is the most affordable of the few cd players available on the marker with I2S output.

The comments above indicate:

Ignoring special cables, I2S with the CDT-8 sounds better than coaxial.

I2S and AES/EBU maybe comparable but the AES/EBU cable used behind this observation is of a higher level than that used for the I2S connection.

Using comparable cables, and connected as below, and using different DACs:
Source > Connection > DAC
DMP > I2S > DS Dac
? > USB > AAG2
The end result is about equal.

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During the years I have tried a number of nice transports connected to the DSD. When the CDT-8Pro came out it was nice to compare all the available outputs within one drive, for comparison. According to my listening tests, I prefer the I2s output from CDT-8. It sounds very relaxed and with a big and wide soundstage filled with detail. The bass s also very deep, tight and natural.
I have recently acquired the new CDT-10 drive, which uses the same internal Philips CD-drive and digital electronics, but has a better damped drive housing, a more stable Chassie and a different PSU with better filtering etc. I have not yet played it enough ours to give a final verdict, but via I2s it sounds clearly better than CDT-8 Pro. It has less “digital” sound. It sounds more like vinyl but without the vinyl “problems”… :slight_smile:



I am currently using Nuprime CDT-8Pro Transport with DS Sr DAC. The I2S connection is the best, but there is some problem between Nuprime and DS DAC when you select DSD 64/128 option on the transport ( I2S or coax). The sound is coming with crackling noise. With PCM selections is no problem. I already contact with PSA and did not get any clear reply why is happening. Nuprime Transport is an excellent indeed .

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