Nuprime CDT-8 Problem

Hi audio experts

I just got a CDT-8 transport for my Stellar integrated amp (which for now is driving 2 PSAudio monoblocks). It works fine with the Coax output. But the I2S output produces garbled sound in the right channel only. I tried two different HDMI cables with the same result. The Nuprime pinout for HMDI seems to match the PSAudio standard?

Any suggestions or experience with CDT-8? Thanks for your help.

Never had a problem in almost two years with the CDT-8 and the DS SR. If the unit plays fine in the left channel then the pinout is compatible and the issue is the I2S input on the Stellar.

Or the I2S output on the CDT…

The best way to know is to find another I2S device that’s known to work to try… Like a Matrix SPDIF2.

I had a very similar issue with the CDT-8 and my SGCD. The IIS connection really only worked well if I turned on DSD upsampling on the transport, got a strange garbled signal with straight PCM and only in the right speaker. I switched to just using the optical connection and didn’t try again with IIS.

This is a hard to one test. Like Vee said, the best way to test whether or not it’s the input or output is to try a different I2S source. Give the upsampling a shot on the Nuprime and see if that changes anything. If not, we would be more than happy to bring that guy back and test the I2S in to make sure it’s working properly.

Thanks trey -upscaling worked. I set DSD =256 and I2S is now working.

My next adventure will be comparing I2S to coax with standard CDs. While I2S is supposed to be better this may vary according to CD. In my unscientific initial test with only 2 CDs coax was better. (It was much better until I got out my sound level meter and realized the coax output was 10 dB C louder. After equalizing the sound level the coax still seemed a little better but I will continue to test.)

This is a great community and your help is yet another reason I am happy that I chose PSAudio equipment for my system upgrade.




I tried the CDT-8 with coax, AES and I2S and I preferred the AES output.

Does the Stellar have a digital AES input?

No it doesn’t. Since the CDT-8 works with the DS Sr. and Jr. with I2S without an issue their is something different with the setup on the Stellar. I know people on another forum who have also used it with W4S gear with no issue and they use the same I2S pinout as PSA.