DS DAC with Philips CD PRO2 transport using I2S

Does somebody knows how to connect DS DAC to Philips CD PRO2 using I2S interface ? I got a reply from PS Audio tech support which convinced me that is not so easy and suggested to use RCAs connections instead.
Philips CD POR2 has a I2S ready output from servo board.

I’m confused about the question, there should be no user intervention. If you plug in your cable into the I2S ports and away you go. Sometimes the source device needs to be configured for an appropriate setting to match PS Audio’s I2S implementation.

I think @vadimgal is referring to the disk reader unit rather than equipment:
or kit:

There are sites around and threads on this forum that explain the pin configuration for the I2S ports.

There is a thread on this forum talking a lot about the Oppo upgrade kit to read DSD layer information from SACD’s and play it through the PS Audio I2S interface. It also describes I2S HDMI interface modules you can buy on international sites.Some claim success with those modules, some don’t.

You could also consider buying the NuPrime CDT-8 Pro CD Transport, it comes with I2S HMI output and even AES EBU, Optical and Coaxial out, nice and compact transport no DAC included target you don’t need, a nicely packed Philps CD package ready to Rock and Roll on your I2S DAC/Pre Amp for EUR 795:
for details:
NuPrime CDT-8 Pro Web Site
The WEB see provides HDMI I2S pin information as well. I have not personally tried it but some users again claim it works and on other forums I saw comments that it doesn’t. But on this forum you will find testimonies that it does work.

Unfortunately this technology was advertised with the Direct Stream Memory Player by PS Audio at the time they were able to upgrade and box the Oppo player. Many people bought into the concept and bought PS Audio gear with I2S inputs but just one year later find themselves with hardly any device they can utilise on the PS Audio I2S interface. Surely very sad for PS Audio, but als to those who bought the PS Audio DAC, with that technology in mind and who are now left with no other option than to let go or experiment or DIY, to get make the I2S work. I know there are the Matrix converters, but I do not believe that adding converters (thus more expensive cables) improve sound quality.

The Nuprime CDT-8 Pro works exactly as advertised with both PSA and W4S DAC’s.