Change default volume, DirectStream Sr

My audio system is on a timed a/c switch. Most of the system shuts down at 12:00 am and turns itself back on at 8:00 am. The DSD defaults to 50% volume when it powers back up but I like to keep this setting at 80%. Is there a way to change the default? Thanks.

Do you use the DSD to control the system volume? Is you are using a separate preamp you can set the volume to fixed instead of variable that should solve the issue.


I use a separate preamp to contol my volume but I can’t find where to set the default volume on the DSD. I’ve looked in the setup menu and I seem to miss it if that’s where it’s at. Thank Paul.

Follow these screen shots. BTW, the normal default after rebooting is 25% so I’m not sure why yours is reverting to 50% after initialization.

Press the gear icon and you will see this screen.

Press the Setup icon.

Set the Max Volume to what you want then press the Variable push button.


Perfect Joe, thanks. I was missing the pressing of the variable button. Maybe I was 20% and not 50%. I could be in error with that one.

Very helpful.

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That’s a big help as the power goes out at least once a month and I always have to reset the DAC volume (which I seldom change).

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