How to set the DSJr output to fix (100)

Hi! I would be most grateful if someone could let me know how to set the DSjr to fix (i.e, 100)? At the moment, I have to manually turn the volume up to 100 every time I turn on the dac. I am using a pre-amp of my own so I don’t need the variable PSjr variable volume control.

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Have you checked which level that is set in the menu?
Long press the input selector and youget into the settings menu.
From page 6

Thanks very much for your reply. I think I tried that when I first set the DAC up. I will check again tonight.

If you just push the logo button on the front it will go to sleep and should wake back up with settings intact. I leave my DAC on all the time to keep it warmed up. If you power it off with the switch on the back it will reboot the system on power up and the volume will be reset low. A few software releases ago it did boot up at 100 but a lot of people complained so now it boots at a low volume.

No wonder, I thought it acted different since the firmware update. I have been spending too much time with the Analogue and have neglected the digital side of my stereo system. Thanks very much for the reminder.

Also make sure you don’t leave the USB drive in the back of the machine that has the software updates on it. If it is there then each time you power cycle the machine it will try to reload the operating system software from the USB.