DS DAC Volume Issue

I have my DS DAC for about two months. When I first got it the DAC volume would move to default 50 often without I touched anything. I thought it may need time to break in. But now it still does that occasionally. Does anyone experienced this problem with their DAC?

I have had the same experience and was clueless as well for a while. Than I realised, that it always happens, when the Bridge loses the connection to the internet or router - maybe 30 seconds after, and two or three times in a row. Connecting the Bridge back to the net…and everything is fine. 100% repeatable. Maybe that helps?

You’re right. The internet connection definitely would cause the volume change. Thanks!

Have you got the volume set to 100% and fixed in the setup screen?

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I set the volume between 70 to 80 and do not use the fixed volume. Because then I can adjust volume of my preamp to the mid 40 level (BHK Preamp). I found that combination of volumes seem a bit better and gives me more flexibility.

lately, the volume changes less often, but internet connection to the Bridge seems to be the problem.

Ok, I may have misread your question. I went to the setup menu and it was not at 100. I must adjusted lower in the past. now I will set it at 100 and see if that help. If I remember right, it was set at 100 before but the volume still jump to 50 during play without touching anything.

You don’t have to have it a 100 to set it for fixed volume. In this case “fixed” just means it stays where you set it before you make it fixed. So set the DS volume to where you want it then put it to fixed and make your volume adjustments with the BHK. If you decide you want to change the DS’s volume then change it to variable move it to where you want then put it back to switched. If you don’t set the DS to fixed then every time there is a power and sometime ISP fluctuation it will go back to the default of 50 which is intentional so the people that use the DS as a preamp also don’t damage anything if there is a power outage or they make any changes and forget to turn the DS volume down first.

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That makes good sense! It is also good to know there is nothing wrong with my DAC. Thanks!