Change your Tidal password before you get hacked

Just a public service announcement for anyone out there using Tidal. My account got hacked and I was frozen out of it. Got back in by contacting Tidal and it seems like it’s all good now, we’ll see. But I urge you to change your password if you haven’t done it in a while, and make it something good, because I think there’s quite a traffic in Tidal passwords on the dark web right now.

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Done. Thanks. Thumbs up for LastPass, generate a strong, unique password for every site/service.

Always good to enable multi-factor auth when ever available too, especially for any that holds assets you own, brokerage, bank, retirement funds.

Did it happen to any of you guys that, after the attempted hack, you log back into the system and there’s an extra Favorite Folder? One of some French R&B guy or something. It happened to me twice -had to delete it, got it back, deleted it again and seems to be gone now.

Very odd stuff -weird actually.

I’ve not noticed any changes. I guess that’s one way to get potential listens but certainly won’t endear fans.

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