Strata and Tidal

I’ve spent more than a minute trying to figure out how to connect my new Strata to Tidal. I’ve been reading everything I could find about the Strata to Tidal interface for the last week and hoped I could figure it out; well so far no joy - the PS Connect seems to be working on my iphone but when I put in my Tidal login info via my phone it is failing - Strata even “told” me via audio my login failed after the first attempt - subsequent attempts to login to Tidal from the PS connect app on my phone only showed the User/Password failure on my phone, no audible indication like I got on my first try.

I think my problem may be with my Tidal subscription - it says I can only have one on-line system and that is currently my office PC system. My new Strata based system is going into another room and I would like Tidal steaming services for both systems -

Q1- Do I need a second subscription if I want two systems capable of streaming from Tidal?

Q2 - Do I also need the Tidal app on my phone (the same phone I use for the PS Connect app) if I don’t use my phone to play music?

Even though this is more likely a Tidal (& operator error) issue I am having, I think you PS Audio folks are better able to address what I hardly know.


Sorry you’ve gone through this PITA. I do believe there is an easy fix. There isn’t a good explanation that I’ve been given, but if your password for Tidal has any special characters, the PS Connect app doesn’t like it. Try changing your password and let us know.

You don’t need two subscriptions but with a single you can only place on one device system at a time. Also if jamesh’s suggestion doesn’t work and you have tried multiple times shut everything down including the phone, strata and router and re-boot one at a time from router forward and clear the system.

Thanks jamesh and dawkinsj!

It turned out to be user error, on my iphone (small screen and bad eyes) I had fat fingered a space in my username. When I changed my Tidal password I caught my error when reentering it into PS connect.

IT WORKS! It would have been much faster if I could see better.

Now I’m ready for my Ohms to arrive on Monday.

Thanks for your help!!

I always laugh when I hear this! :laughing:

Dang, I didn’t know you didn’t have the speakers yet. I’m sure you’re getting quite anxious to hear the system! Hopefully you have some headphones that you can listen to in the meantime. The headphone amp in the Strata is darn good!

I also think the headphone amp in Strata is surprisingly very good. Enjoy your new toys!

Yes, quite anxious to hear the system with my new Ohm Walsh T-2000s. I have the Strata playing through some old Paradigm Monitors temporarily - happy with the Strata so far, not so much with the Monitors.

Will try the headphone amp but I very rarely have/want to use headphones.

Some Paradigm mini monitors were the speakers in my first system back in high school. They don’t sound amazing compared to what I get to listen to these days. But back in the day… I thought that system was about as good as it gets… :smile:

It’s amazing, how speakers sound good until you hear and know better.