Bridge 2 Mac and ip stuck

I had noticed for the past few months that every time I rebooted my router or DS that the IP address and MAC address of my DS/Bridge II would change. I thought it was annoying for the longest time until it stopped doing it about a week ago and won’t change no matter what I do. I even tried setting it static and it stays on the same IP and won’t let me change it. I am only mentioning this because since I noticed this my Bubble Upnp app won’t let me stream from Tidal to the DS. It will let me play from tidal through bubble on my galaxy tab but when I select the DSDac as a renderer it won’t connect to it and it disappears like it isn’t actually at that address. I am able to stream tidal through bubble to my other renders without an issue

Maybe give Gordon a PM if no response here.

Give alex at psaudio a call, it sounds like your bridge has a hardware issue.