Changing the size of album art in ps audio directstream dac

I find the size of album art very small. I really can’t see it from my sofa position 10 feet away. Is there a way to make the album art bigger? There is more screen real estate unused.

Welcome, georgefrancis114!

Unfortunately there is no current way to increase the size of the album art.

Feature request time? It’s sounds silly - maybe there are other short sighted folks.

I agree, it is a nice idea.

Howdy @georgefrancis114!

I think it’s a great idea, though unfortunately it’s not currently implementable. The network module for the Bridge I and II are from a third party manufacturer and the highest resolution image it’s capable of downloading and transmitting is 256x256 - i.e., the current size we use.

Come Octave/Bridge III, it’s something we can have our team look into, though.

Thank you. Makes sense.