No Album Art with 1.2.1

Since I have installed the new 1.2.1 firmware I do not have any album art on the DS display. I am also suffering 5 - 20 second drop-outs. Nothing else changed with my set-up where I had perfect connectivity and album art every time. My situation is"

JRiver Media Center 20 with no changes after installing 1.2.1

Wi-Fi connection to the Bridge in the same room as my system (strong signal)

Album title and song name display immediately but without the Art

I have checked that 1.2.1 is installed, looked for Bridge firmware updates (none), and reset the bridge.


the album art is collected to a file on the sd card.

check if this file is present on the card.

erase the card, reboot the dac without the card, reinstall the card and reboot again. If no art, check again for the art file on the card.

Email and give the info.

Interesting that the SD card had a cover art file on it that I was not able to delete so I used a different card that was empty. After inserting it and rebooting all is fine; I have cover art again!! Somehow the SD card must have become corrupted after I reinstalled it after downloading 1.2.1. Demons?

Thanks for your help Gordon.confused


Happy it worked.

Happy Listening!music-078_gif

Hi Gordon,

Same problem over here:-(

Frequently there is no album art showing.

After removing the SD card and after reading the card on a PC you see a .bmp file that cannot be opened (gives corrupted file).

Deleting the .bmp file and replace the card in the DS solves the problem.

But after a while i have the same problem!?

I also reformatted the sd card but this solution is temporarily.

The sd card i use is the sd card provided by the DS.

Any ideas why the .bmp get’s corrupted?


Is it your computer OS that says the file is corrupted?

Perhaps you could try removing the card when DS is showing correct art work and then see if the file still shows as corrupted.

I am not using the Bridge at the moment. Could someone who is check to see if their file gives the same corruption msg?

there are also instructions on the PSA support site to reset the BRIDGE and/or reinstall the firmware.

keep us posted on any progress.


Thx Gordon,

Yes normally you can preview the picture named COVERART.BMP in Windows 8 on your PC.

When the picture size is to big you get the same error (2400 * 2400 pixel for example).

then the Bridge reset or complete reinstall may be in order.

If Dennis is around he is the true expert on this.


Worked for me… Thanks guys, would never have worked it out on my own…