Chicago Audio Show: April 25-27, 2014

I must be working the Chicago show because I was emailed my plane & hotel reservations yesterday. My hotel reservations are at the Marriott Suites across the street from the show venue: That way I get to use the Diamond Level Perks!!!

This year I will be staffing 2 non-competing exhibitors: An SUT/Cable manufacturer (same as in past years) & a well-known turntable dust cover & isolation system manufacturer (think green lizard).

At the SUT/Cable site, we will be using a PS Audio PWT into a PS Audio PWD2/Bridge to demonstrate my new digital cable line.

We arrive on Thursday 4/24 and leave Monday 4/28.

Drop on by! I know that Steven R. & John Elison are attending.

That one I’m not going to make, I’m afraid. Have fun Christopher!

I’ll try to work it in. It was fun last time.

@tony22 I will miss seeing you. Looks like I will be at the Newport Beach show & the Capitol Show in DC. Other shows are also being considered, but definitely not NYC.

@wglenn Yea. I will get you full access passes if you decide to make it. Just PM me & they’ll be waiting for you at exhibitor pick-up.

Hoping to be there!

@nile49 PM me & I will tell you the names of the 2 exhibitors I will be staffing.

@birddog: Thanks! All the more reason to go.

@wglenn Just PM me whenwe get closer to show date and you passes will be at Exhibitor pick up. We may put you to work however.

Great! Glad to see that you and Bob hire the handicapped. #-o