Pass Int -60...Use my P-10 or not

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

I am a proud owner of the PS Audio P-10.

I also have a Pass Labs Int-60 (Integrated Amp)

From a sonic standpoint, am I compromising the sound by plugging it into the P-10.

I have 2 dedicated lines to my listening room. The P-10 is plugged into one of those lines.

Am I better off with my Integrated 60 plugged into the P-10? Or plugging it into the other dedicated line with nothing else on that circuit.

I like the protection that the P-10 provides…but I don’t want to give up anything sonically.


I hate this reply, but I’m about to give it anyway: See what sounds best to you.
I have a Pass X150.8 and it definitely sounds better plugged into my P20. Trust your ears.

I have a 350.8 and I tried both in the wall and to the p10 and I like to the p10 better, thought it was running the p10 pretty hard with all my other stuff on

I have the idea the P10 might be to small for your Int-60, hence the lesser sonic results you mention. The other reply-ers both have class A/B amps, yours is class A if I am correct. @RonP has a P20 which is way bigger.

I run two Chord Electronic mono blocks from my P10.
My P10 was broken and out of action for 4 months late last year, during this time I ran my Chord mono blocks from wall sockets so I got well used to how they sounded running via the wall sockets.
Getting my P10 back and plugging the mono blocks back into it again brought big improvements in the sound so I would suggest running your amp via the P10.

I don’t know how loud you listen or how efficient your speakers, but have you ever seen your amp come out of class A?

So it’s kinda weird but at not terribly high volume they do begin to come out of class A. I have ATC scm40 and the are 85dB sensitivity. I assume it leaves class A when the needle begins to move?

And I do mean it is loud but not ear bleeding when they come out. At normal levels the needle doesn’t move

My speakers are roughly 100db and even at very (rarely) high levels, the current meter doesn’t move beyond it’s normal position.

If I had more efficient speakers I never would have gone for the 350.8. I sort of bought the amp to bring out the magic of the speakers which in hindsight may have been the wrong way to go about building a system. It does sound pretty nice now with the xp-22 in as well, removed the hiss of the DAC straight into the amp

No way you went wrong with that amp. And the XP-22 is astonishing. BTW, I don’t know if you noticed what I did about the XP-22, but I found it to be least influenced by power cable choice, while it responds nicely to VooDoo Isopods under both chassis.

I had not noticed, but thanks as I was just about to throw money at a shunyata alpha NR for it, good timing!! I would totally be happy to spend the money on the Isopods instead.

Thanks as always Ron!

That’s my favorite pc. They made a significant difference in bass, both weight and definition for both my P20 and my amp, (a remarkable difference that was noticeable to everyone for the P20).

…and you only need three Isopods under each component.

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Also great info!

So I have an alpha HC feeding my P20 would you go with a sigma NR for the amp then instead or just go with an alpha NR

I doubt that I’d spend the extra money for the Sigma. Maybe The Cable Co will lend you one of each.
I think it’s roughly 50% more than the Alpha.

That’s a good idea, it is a crazy amount more

hey krelldog. i just ordered a P-10. prior to ordering it, i did some research on your exact question - including speaking with the technical support folks at PSA.
I believe one of the most important factors to consider in determining whether the P-10 is powerful enough to handle your amp, is power consumption.
Based on the spec sheet for your Pass Labs integrated amp, the power consumption is 350 watts.
However, the spec sheet ( doesn’t indicate the load rating - i am assuming that’s 350 watts into an 8 ohm load. But if your speakers are 4 ohm, then that value could double.
In any event, the P10 is rated up to 1500 watts. So i think you’re Pass Labs should be fine plugged into the P-10, depending of course on the other gear you have plugged into it :slight_smile:
hope this helps.
cheers Sully