Clicking noise for P20

Hi all,

Does any P20 user experience clicking noise coming from your P20 from time to time?
Like 6-7 times a day, the clicking sound is very similar when you turn on/off a zone.

It will be great if anyone can share any comments, thank you.


Not on mine.

Could be the clicking is when switches to the line and it does this when it senses problems on the power line it’s not comfortable with. My P12 does that occasionally in the summer. 6-7 times a day sounds excessive.

Are you consuming enough power that the heat sinks get hot?
There have been reports in the past of the heat sinks expanding and contracting as they heat up and cool down, and making a clicking sound occasionally because of it.

My power consumption is very very low.
May be max 10%

However it seems to happens when the weather get especially hot.

When it was in the 20-25’c range, I don’t seems to hear that noise.