Power plant 5 clicking?

Quick queastion, i took delivery of a power plant 5 today , checked and loaded the latest firmware.
i left it powered up for the last 4 hours.
I have just started to try it out being advised not to plug my Devialet 200’s into it just the PWT, Melco and Roon Rock Intel I7NUC, ok so far, having a spare outlet i then pluged the psu for my Buffalo BDXL Blu-Ray drive for rippingto the Melco and a clicking like a relay opperating continuasly, Are switchmode psu’s not ment to be plugged in to a power plant, as when disconnected this stopped.
Nothing indicated on the screen while the clicking was happening, also when the socket was turned off on the screen it continued to click. Other wise it performs ok now said psu is now where close.

I think that you may need to reach out to Jeremy at PS Audio. My P5 is totally silent and just goes about doing its job. They would have insight into a resolution.

Hi splodge57,

Thanks, for letting us know about this.

Forgive me that I just need to get straightened out on one detail:
Do you hear the clicking from the P5 or another device?

In general switch mode power supplies are not best used with the P5 as the sine wave has little impact on the overall performance of a switch power supply.

That being said there should be no clicking from the P5.
Can you tell me the output wattage as well?

  • Jeremy

Hi, it is only when this particular psu was pluged in, i’ve since tried othe swith mode psu’s such as my lap top, the wifes lap top ipad charger and nothing, it’s just the psu that came with the Buffalo drive, only 2 weeks since new.
Being an electrical enginer myself (retired) the clicking is as a relay when not retaining, switching in and out. The current was approx 0.1 amp but i didn’t hang around leaving it plugged in.
At the moment the PP5 is powered up and so far no more noises.

I do have an oscilascope and pleanty of other test gear packed away, i’ll get around to setting these up and let you know what i find.

HI splodge57,

Thanks for letting me know.

I agree with your assessment of the general nature of relay clicking.
With the P5 this is not typically a good thing.
One good measurement would be the power output when the clicking starts.
Can you confirm this?


  • Jeremy

Regenerator bypass relay clicking, right?

My P5 starts clicking when I adjust voltage a bit too low. Input is about 231V, I tried setting it to 218V, just out of interest and it started clicking at random times. Set it back to 230V and it never clicked since.

Edit: oops, I actually have P3 :slight_smile: