Coax and the SGCD query

OK, so just done a 2 hour test on the comparison between thei2S and coaxial cables. Verdict to my 63 year old ears, the i2S is just a wee bit better than the coax, and noticed that when playing a DSD music file, there is no sound through either connection. So either I have done something wrong, or coax does not handle DSD and affects the i2S at the same time. Is this a trait of the SGCD when a Chord coax is connected. I took the coax out of the SGCD and everything went back to normal, the device played DSD and PCM Flac Files

From the owners manual it looks like coax can not do DSD.

“The COAX inputs are capable of up to 192kHz /
24 bit PCM”

What is your source component that feeds DSD on I2S to your SGCD?

its a Matrix Audio SPDIF. Its what I thought too