SGCD issue with only digital coax inputs!

Hello folks, I am having an issue that when I hook up a cd players digital coax output as a transport to either input #5/6 on the SGCD to use the DAC I get a what I call a skip in the music played back, every 20 seconds ( no its not the cd), its like a signal interruption I guess, I only get this issue when digital coax inputs are used.
When I run my cd player to a separate DAC, using the dac’s xlr outputs to the SGCD everything perfect, run my streaming laptop to my digital interface using its i2s output to the #4 i2s input on SGCD all perfect, if I run the toslink output from dig. Interface to SGCD toslink digital input to stream it works fine.
Am I to assume there is a technical problem with the digital coax inputs on the SGCD.

Just a thought, have you tried a different coax cable?

Sure did, it has done it with two cd players also, a CEC and a Wadia, so I know its not the cd players or cables.
I purchased the SGCD and M700’s from same seller that used these sparingly, basically brand new couple months ago.
Guess I have a crap SGCD with issues with the digi coax inputs :man_shrugging:t2:.

Have you tried a Toslink connection as it may be a ground issue between the two since the CD is likely 2-pin AC and the SGCD is is 3-pin?

The cd AC are all 3 prong, The toslink input on the SGCD works when inputed from DAC toslink output, cd player does not have toslink out put just Analogue and for digital AES and coax, I dont use Toslink outputs on cd players.

I do not understand your comment that Toslink works when plugged into a DAC output. DAC outputs are analog as that is their function. If you have a DAP, streamer or TV with a Toslink output and that works you’ve reinforced that the SDPIF signal path is working. If that turns out to be the case, I would try a battery-operated DAP’s RCA SPDIF to confirm whether it is a grounding/interference issue. Just because both devices have a 3-pin AC plug does not mean both have the same hot and neutral configuration or that the grounds are equally effective.

That’s really annoying but it sounds like you’ve done all the trouble shooting you need…. PS audio has a 3 year transferable warranty, might wanna give them a call.

As I mentioned they were purchased used although they were in mint condition and barely used the original purchase date was in 2020, so I guess I look for another brand preamp that sonically matches the M700 amps. :man_shrugging:t2:

Appreciate everyones input, I have had CD players in the past where the analogue outputs were bad but the digital output worked fine.
I will use the SGCD for now as the i2s input and the balanced inputs seem to work fine, I will use my transport with a separate DAC and run its balanced output into the SGCD input until I can find a comparable priced preamp to replace it.

MSCARDINIA :My apologies I confused myself,please ignore what I tried explaining before bit I did run a toslink from tv to the toslink input on SGCD and it worked with no sound interruption’s as I get with the digi coax inputs with the cd transport.
I also switched the phase setting on SGCD and that made no difference while using the The digi coax inputs with the cd transport, still had the issues :man_shrugging:t2:, I don’t have any other cd players to test but the higher end cd players like the CEC and Wadia players both did the same thing.
I have an eye on a PSA perfectwave dac MKII so I can use that to run my transport too and continue to use i2s input on the PWD for streaming and use the SGCD balanced analogue inputs to run it all through until I can remedy a different SGCD or separate preamp.
Appreciate everyone’s input