Coax cable connection issue, make a difference?

I have a Transparent Reference XL “Firehose”. It is sharply bent behind the DSS for room. It was working. I just turned it on and the DSS kept losing signal. I moved the cable and it works fine. I doubt it is a bad cable. It is most likely a connection issue being bent that way.

My question is, could this be ruining the sound. Or these either work or they don’t work?
If it is an issue, how can I tell if it is affecting the sound even if it is working steadily?
Thank you

In other, simpler DACs it might hurt the sound. For the DS, as long as it can pass a bit perfect playback test, it’s not hurting the sound.

Thank you. That is good news. I question then why I even needed such an expensive cable to begin with. It is unwieldy which is what caused my problem. I am just going to put a Mogami AES on there now.