Coda? Gryphon? Wow!

From a Coda Integrated Audiomart current ad…
I never heard a Gryphon component…but love my Coda amp and preamp too…:grin:

From the ad…

“This is a Coda CSi see CSIb Integrated thati have had for about a month to take the place of some Gryphon grear that had to go out for repair. Long story short this integrated is to my ears better than my uber expensive Gryphon gear and to my ears and local audiophile friends is better than the Pass Labs high end separates that i had prior. The only reason for sale is bc i am moving up the Coda Chain to there uber expensive separates. This could easily be my end game piece but i have the audio bug and anxious to see how there high end separates perform.”

He has a Diablo for sale too!

Just curious, do you have any affiliation with Coda? :laughing:

Nope…just a happy owner! :partying_face:

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