DS Output Stopping Occasionally

My DS from time to time does not produce any output. It is receiving a signal as this shows up on the screen but it is not connecting to the pre amp. This has happened a few times, especially if it hasn’t been used for a few days. The DAC is always on. The problem goes away when I switch the DAC off for a few minutes and then re boot it. It’s not a major problem, but I’m just curious as to why this is happening. Anybody else having similar issues or any ideas on why? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

On thing might be brown outs. If the power flickers, sometimes the control processor doesn’t do a complete reset which can leave the output muted but and take any commands. Also some non-PS Audio I2S devices provide 5V over the HDMI cable. That can mess things up when there’s a power cycle or the DS is powered off.

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Many thanks for the reply. It’s possible there was a brownout, but I think it’s unlikely. I am in a new suburb with underground power and there generally arent any issues. I’m not using any I2S connections. Balanced Kimber Select cables from DAC to pre and then power DAC is on my local Ethernet network. As I mentioned not really an issue, especially since it starts ok after a re boot. I will try and see if there are any brownouts next time it happens.

I appreciate a rapid reply, so many thanks Ted, and I love your work. Your DAC has transformed my system.