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Elk in what way does changing Amps and sound differences not fit the discussion here at hand.
Am I to understand that that room treatments , interconnects , preamp or direct , speaker placement but not an amp. ???
Wow this does seem odd and possible personnel.

An answer from your view please !

Lastly please delete my account here I tried but do not see way to. If
I wish to have one in the future I’ll use another name like half baked potato or something not my company names.

I ask here as you have never replied to any pm I ever sent you. I have tried to allow your moving one concept of organization go but I cannot do this anymore. As your the grand wizard so grant my wish please.
Thanks In advance

Hi, Al

Replacing an amp solely to remedy issues one has with Yale Final is on-topic, as is changing speaker toe-in to deliberately address the sound of Yale Final. But, generic reports of the sound of a new cable or new amp are not.

I am trying to keep this thread on topic to impressions of Yale, and not the typical mish-mash all things members want to discuss. Both forum members and others interested in Yale Final should be able to review this thread and learn about Yale Final.

If you are changing amps to try and solve an issue you have with Yale, describe this for us in your amp thread. And then provide us with the results of the change and whether this addresses problems you perceive with Yale. I’ll move the posts back to this thread if they are Yale specific.

I have not received any PMS from you. When did you last send one?

Enough toe tapping bull Please delete account as asked. I no longer wait to participate here understand.



I see Elk’s move as perfectly reasonable and you now have a new thread for the Krell’s. I don’t see anything personal about it. I say this so that you will reconsider your decision to exit the PSA forum. I find your input here to be of great value (and a little entertainment due to typing4_gif). Please do not leave us!


Al, we enjoy having you here and want to learn of your opinions and experiences. Please continue posting.

Yikes! Al, you’re an amazing poster here - please do not go away - it would never be the same without you!!sad-029_gif

And Al, regardless, no need for drama. If you don’t want to post here, don’t post. No need for permanent account removal, etc.

Just take a deep breath. Sometimes these forum responses look too personal; 99.9% of the time they are not. The only thing negative and personal anyone has ever said to you, Al, is this (from me) “your typing sucks”!! laugh There, that’s it.

Now get back to disagreeing with me, posting about your thoughts, and overall keeping us sane.


I guess the next grade after ‘Aspiring Leader’ make you able to put back your original post and moderate others too… devil_gif tongue-wink_gif103_gif

Ted b thanks and your on point as always

elk you stink and do not get it period and yet at times your funny is there more than one of you

as one the that funny can stay let’s get rid of the other too orderly one.

As for my request I honestly do want his.

In life I make choices and like to see them through. Please help me with this last off topic request ok

Al, I am very sorry I offended you. I moved the posts only because they are not related to Yale. This is definitely not personal.

Again, we all want you to stay and to continue posting.

There is no way to delete your account nor is it necessary; no one will use it but you.

We hope you will be back soon!

I think there is a delicate contribution of balance between too much moderation and necessary intervention. Some are more sensitive to this and take it personally. If you log onto a forum and get messages all the time that a clean up of your posts have been done by a moderator while away you may get irritated or even offended some times.

This is really not easy.

Maybe the moderation should be relaxed a bit and done if things get completely out of hand?

Just a suggestion. I can live with whatever is decided. I didn’t have a big problem on the old forum and don’t have a big problem now. Just saying that I do not envy the time and efforts spent by Elk to keep the community tidy.

I also lean towards the “less moderation is better” side (partly to reduce the burden on the moderators) but this does not appear to be an instance of excessive moderation. Elk fully explained why he moved the post and it seems perfectly reasonable to me. He has moved my posts on rare occasions too. I don’t agree with everything Elk does as forum leader but that would be true of any forum leader. Elk appreciates and takes to heart constructive criticism but nobody appreciates being insulted. Elk is a great forum leaser and deserves our thanks.

To add to this I guess we all have good and bad days and sometimes the fuse is lit a little too early, founded on wrong assumptions sorry_gif

Absolutely. But I try to keep my evil twin, Ricky, in check.

Perhaps I should also note that the DS firmware threads are very important to PS Audio and to Ted. They careful follow these threads to learn our reactions and perceptions, how the product can be improved, to learn of bugs - and additionally rely on them to present information to the outside world about the various upgrades. Plus, non-forum member users and potential users come to them to obtain information. Off-topic chatter impedes all of these interests.

Please note, neither PS Audio or Ted have asked me to keep a close check on these threads, but it is obvious these threads have significant importance to them - and to us as users.

Then there is the problem of balance. Some want more moderation, additional sub-forums and organization, etc.; others, less. As I am succeeding in offending and frustrating everyone, the balance is properly just right.

The most I can offer is transparency. I try to explain what I am doing and why. This both engenders understanding, and also provides a springboard to anyone to offer a specific, reasoned, better approach.

I think Elk does a great job managing the forums. That said, I was concerned that it was implied a private message was sent and never got through to him.


I sent you a PM a few weeks ago that you never responded to. There was no inherent question, but now I wonder whether it ever actually go to your in box. Can you check this and PM me. I just want to make sure pm is reliable. Thanks in advance.


I just send you a PM in response to the last message I believe I received from you. I think I am getting all messages everyone sends.

Perhaps if Elk would add a comment at the top of the new thread when he moves posts. Something like “I created this thread and moved posts to it in order to keep xxx thread clean and closely on topic”.

This would help clarify the action and might reduce stress such as we have observed here.


I did not think of this. But if the new thread makes sense on its own without further explication (E.g., “I got a new amp, more to follow”), and there is a note in the thread from which the posts came explaining the move, what is gained by additionally labeling the new thread as well?

I think people interested in the moved off-topic posts look for them in the thread in which they were posted, see the note they have been moved, click on the included link, and are happily off posting in their own dedicated space. As others happen to just come across the new thread, the thread stands on its own and they will post to it as well.

It seems somewhat punitive to label a perfectly fine new thread with a shaming scarlet letter declaring it an illegitimate bastard orphan.

What could be a challenge is when the thread communication gets dynamic/hot and it is hard to see the borderline for OT for the poster. If some slack is provided that may be a good thing, but it is sometimes hard to set the borderline.

Maybe we should use 2 Sigma on it to see if the elaborations holds water giggle_gif

It seems a lot has happened today while I was working. Al, I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but I value your input here. I hope you will remain with us as the dedicated observer you are.