paul - your current reference list of equipment


Is their a link to your new set up with a list of the reference equipment?

I would love to see the breakdown. I know you have the big ininitys, new DS, PWT, but would like to see the rest and what powerplants you use and how you use them.


I thought there was a P10 each for right IRS sub, left IRS sub, main amp, and the rack of electronics containing the tube preamp, DS, turntable, NPC, and PWT


He recently became tired of the Infinitys and went with an option that would help him impress the ladies…

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…and what is in the other music room, if there still is another room?



Yes it would be good to hear these facts and where and what with the equipment is interconnected



There isn’t a list but here goes.

The IRS is powered by a new prototype amp from Bascom King. He’s in the process of helping us design our new amp now. The amp’s all MOSFETS and sounds magnificent. It is powered through a P10.

Speaker cables are MG Audio Designs shotgun versions. The amp and sub amps are fed from a 50 foot pair of AudioQuest balanced (not sure which model but it’s their best).

The IRS subs have their own servo amp, each of those powered by a P10. Cables are all AC12s throughout Music Room One.

The sources are the Bridge and the PWT. PWT connected with an HDMI 12 (that we make). DirectStream DAC, feeding a Calypso preamp through MG Audio Design XLR cables.

The entire source rack is fed from a P10 and AC 12 power cables.


Thanks and wow nice stuff Paul.


Thanks and wow nice stuff Paul.


Paul has to keep me out of that room.

I drool too much when I go in . . . .



I can only imagine . A real Disney land for us audio geeks.



Will the new MOSFET amp be class A and then B with increase in power generated ?



@ALRAINBOW The new amp will be class A/B which is what I think you mean. A/B means it is class A up to some point as determined by the designer and then as it gets louder it goes into class B.


Yes that’s what I meant as true class a are huge and not ver powerfull. Good luck cannot wait.



Paul, will you share more info on the subs you are using? As I recall at one point, you were trying a prototype from a Colorado-based manufacturer.


Paul correct me but , is he correct and you have added subs to the woofer columns ?

As I did on mine in my office ?



Well, yes and no. The IRS system in Music Room One certainly needs no additional help in the woofer department. It’s all I can do to keep what I have under control. No one has ever accused that room of being bass shy. :slight_smile:

The sub I was playing with is in Music Room Two with the Thiels. And here is where the Colorado based sub is - and of late I have been playing with a REL sub as well. So far the REL is winning.


Ok cool and thanks for clarifying.




Based on your comments I purchased a CALYPSO STANDARD Tube Preamp (it is mated with PWD/II and is waiting for the DS, and being fed by a PWT).

I initially upgraded the tubes to NOS “THE” Mullard “12AX7” (rare early square getter Mullard, with the famous, elusive longplates, the first generation of Mullard 12AX7 tubes, 1950s vintage Blackburn factory date coded, as good or better than the famed Mullard 10M gold pin series, at a lower price),

and the Amperex Mini Watt Gold Pins SQ 6922 tubes with great results (these are the legendary Amperex/Philips Holland made (have ∆ etched codes) 6922/E88CC premium version gold pins tubes that are considered by many as best of the best 6DJ8/6922/7308 type tubes).

I just obtained a used CALYPSO SIGNATURE (a $2,000 parts upgrade over the Calypso Standard).

All I can say is WOW, you must obtain one of the Signatures for you sound room, It should be a huge deal when connected to the DS (as it just provides more information and a lot more bass).

The Statement is also a lot smoother and easier to listen too (that with more resolution) the Statement allows me to finally be able to listen to bright and/or harsh CD’s). My comments are backed-up by many on-line professional reviews.

Let me know what you think.




Cool. I have been drooling over the Signature one.

Paul McGowan said:
So far the REL is winning.

Very musical sub. Seems odd to say a sub is musical, but there you are.

Paul McGowan said:
So far the REL is winning.

Very musical sub. Seems odd to say a sub is musical, but there you are.

Too bad he hasn't tried the Rythmik F12SE.
It is probably cheaper also.

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