Confession of an eager Audiophile

I have several PS Audio pieces of electronics that are not registered because in my eagerness to hear them I install without getting the serial number off the back of the unit. Could PS Audio save us by putting the serial number on the box so we don’t have to take the component out of the rack/shelf to read the serial number?

Its a save the customer from his own impatience. I’m guilty.


It should be on your receipt.

As one’s brain becomes suffused with The Audiophile Disease, you’ll find yourself pulling things out of the rack for fuse changes, cable changes, footers, etc.
Get used to it. :grinning:


Telescopic stick with a mirror and light on the end :slight_smile:


I have a couple of gear racks that I cannot get behind but I’m usually able to reach my phone back into a position that allows me to take pics of serial numbers, connections, etc.

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The SNs are on all the PS Audio cartons I’ve seen in the last decade or 2.

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Take pictures of the sticker before placing in the rack…
Often ties serial # is on the shipping box as well.

Best wishes

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I’ve been a stereophile for 60 years. I’ll never get over it. That new equipment smell!

Kenneth Eis


The distinctive sound of the UPS/Fedex trucks is my adult equivalent to the sound of the Good Humor chimes when I was a kid.


I have developed a habit of taking a picture of the serial number plate on any piece of gear I am putting in service and keeping it in a special folder on my phone. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to develop this procedure.


I have long followed this practice. I did it today with the MKII.

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I’ll happily send you a cardboard box full of styrofoam that you can sniff. I’ll discount to $5,000. I take PayPal.

Why doesn’t show the SN from on display as we do for firm software version? Just an idea, like they use to do for computer… not the case of ampli of course.

The serial numbers are on the label on the box