Correct way to wire to sub's speaker level inputs with a single speaker wire (+ -)

I have a subwoofer with LR speaker level inputs, but I only have one speaker wire running to that area (it was originally for a rear channel, but I’m going to use it for the sub). What is the correct way to wire in this situation? There’s no option to run additional wires.

For reference the amp is a McIntosh 2105 whose commons are grounded to the chassis.

You don’t need to home-run an additional wire. Just use a shorter jumper wire run from the speaker terminals to the sub input for each channel.

Are you suggesting like in this drawing? Won’t that turn all the speaker output into mono?

Yes, and it sums the left and right channels to mono in the subwoofer. There isn’t directional information at LF and having multiple sources of the same information is generally a good thing for the spatial response of subs ( seat to seat consistency). So, you can run them “stereo” but really, multi-sub is a mixes mono approach (with individual EQ and delay settings per sub sometimes, depending on how deep you want to get into this).

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I feel like I am missing out on something here. I do not understand the reason for, or the complexity of the in wall wiring. What I would do in this situation is I would go to the hardware store and buy some speaker wire or lamp cord. I’d run a pair from the positive and negative from the left channel to the left channel inputs on the sub. And do the same thing for the right. It seems like the suggestion is to run one wire from both left and right amp outputs, to each positive input on the sub, and one wire from the ground of each amp channel to both the negative terminals on the sub. This would be an entirely wrong thing to do. But I might be confused as to what is being suggested.

Running additional wires isn’t an option unfortunately. Due to the location I only have access to a single pair. If there is no good option I’d go wireless, but would love to feed the sub from my vintage amp.