Connecting REL Subs Black Ground Cables High Level with Multiple Stellar Monoblocks

I have 5 PS Audio Stellar monoblocks, 3 M1200 and 2 M700. Class D with tube input stage for M1200, no tube input for M700. Truly balanced each monoblock has a ground screw on the back. Powered by PS Audio P15 power regnerator. PS Audio manual states to connect black ground wire of REL subs to ground screw on back of monoblock. I have 2 REL S510 subs (front left and right) and 3 REL T91 subs (center and surrounds). The 2 REL T91 surround subs will be using Arrow wireless. Should each sub’s high level black ground wire be connected to the ground screw on the back of each monoblock, or should all of the black ground wires be connected to one ground on the back of one monoblock say the front left one?