Continuous Power?

I just got a pair of M700’s. The owners manual of the DirectStream DAC suggest leaving the power on. My custom built Stratos amp suggest leaving the power on for conditioning. The M700 manual is silent on the power question. The manual says an Input Trigger DC voltage is required. My Oppo 205 has a Trigger out. Would this turn on the M700? What kind of cable is used for a Trigger? An RCA?

I read that 1/8" mono cable is used for Triggers. I found one 1/8" and I have several 1/8" stereo cables. If I use 1/8" mono from the Oppo 205 to the first M700 and then a 1/8" stereo from the first M700 to the second, would that work?

Congrats on the amps. I would leave the M700’s on for a while (Darren recommends this, if I recall correctly) to help them burn in, and they do take time to burn in. The stereo cable might work. I would think that the worst that might happen is the second unit doesn’t turn on.

Yes, a stereo plug will carry a mono signal.

A stereo plug might be able to carry a mono signal, but won’t work in a mono jack. A stereo plug is a ring, tip, and sleeve. A mono plug is just ring and tip. They don’t line up right. I have experience with this, the old Crown D150 and D300s used mono 1/4" phono Jack’s. I sold my friend’s D300 and IC150 on eBay. The guy bought stereo plugs, and could only get sound by wiggling the plug around, not fully inserted. Just go buy the cheapest cables available, or order the correct plugs from Parts Express and make your own. With so many components having triggers, I would think they are available. You won’t do your system any favors, using the wrong plugs.

With amps like the Stellar, I would leave them powered up 24/7, only shutting off with the rear power switch,when you are going to be gone for more than a day. Same with the Oppo.

If the Stellar trigger on the first amp has an output, then you can run the second cable over to the second amp. Otherwise you could run one mono cable to the amps, and use a splitter.

jeffstarr said A stereo plug is a ring, tip, and sleeve. A mono plug is just ring and tip. They don't line up right.
They should. Stereo TRS into a mono socket leaves the ring (right channel open). The left channel will carry the signal. If you are wiring your own cables and all you have is a TRS you leave the ring unconnected.

Think for a moment about your anecdotal story. Sound was produced when the stereo cable was wiggled. This means there was a mono signal (presumably from a guitar) being carried by the stereo cable.

The connectors at the source and the amp are identical. Thus, there should not have been any problem for the amp to receive the mono signal on the stereo cable. That is, the source connection of a mono signal into a stereo cable was perfectly fine, but for whatever reason the connection on the other end was a problem. One possibility is the little arm on the inexpensive receiving jack was out of place (picture attached). They are easily bent.

Also re the wiggle method: Partially inserting a stereo TRS into a mono socket results in a Y-connection as the ring contact in the socket simultaneously touches the plug’s tip and first ring.

Of course, simply buying a mono cable is inexpensive and renders any such discussion moot. :slight_smile:


Elk, I still own a D150, used to have an IC150. These Crown products were all purchased in 1973.

Guitar? No guitars, the IC150 is a stereo preamp, the D300 is a stereo power amp. The cables Crown supplied, remember when they used to include cables, had an RCA plug on the preamp end, and the 1/4" phono plug for the amp. We did not include cables as I had a pair of Kimber PBJs made up for my friend, as a Christmas present. My bad for only using model numbers, but it seems like everyone who was around in those days was aware of the big Crown. It had great specs, SQ not so much. The D150 is ok with a tube preamp or for a bedroom system, where you aren’t doing any critical listening. It is an odd amp, faceplate and cabinet were options, no power switch, they recommended using the convenience AC sockets on the preamp. It also has level controls on the back, adjustable with a screwdriver. The D300 had gain controls and a power switch on the front.

Using the wrong plug might work, but why not just get the correct one. For the guy who bought my buddy’s amp and preamp, I went to Radio Shack, remember when Radio Shack actually had inventory, I bought a pair of their decent looking RCA interconnects, and replaced one end with the correct plug. I didn’t want to ruin my 100% rating, because the guy couldn’t grasp the need for the mono plug. I have no idea where he found a cable with one RCA and one stereo plug. When I got my D150 back, [sold it, the guy died, and they gave it back to me] I just bought adapter plugs from Parts Express.

I don’t use triggers, and never would for my stereo, but for a home theater I can see the benefits. There is enough gear out there with triggers, that I would imagine that Best Buy or online, you can buy trigger cables.

For the OP, oneartist, the trigger cables aren’t required, using them is optional. If you don’t want to walk over and turn your amps on last, or shut off first, then the trigger cables will do it for you. The Stellar amps have a Standby switch on the front, and the main power switch on the rear. Does the trigger put the amps in standby, or completely power them down. The nice thing about standby is it keeps the amp ready to go. I would call PSA, and find out how the trigger works. Remember you don’t require them, you can just walk over and push the standby buttons.

Nice background story, but this does not change the fact that a stereo TRS will happily carry a mono signal from source to input. :slight_smile:

(By the way, the DC-300 was an industrial amp and used in pro audio (as a dual mono guitar amp, sound reinforcement, etc.) and finally discovered by home enthusiasts - like so many pro products. Thus, the 1/4 mono inputs.)

In any event, as already observed, buying a mono cable is inexpensive and renders any such discussion moot.

Or leave the amps on standby if you like. I personally do not like leaving anything electric on all the time, but others are comfortable with this.

(As an aside, I am perfectly contented getting six miles to the gallon in my Z06 on a race track, but would never let it sit idling as it wastes gas. I have the same reaction to using big amps, etc. Inefficient for a purpose is perfectly fine, but letting things consume energy and money when I am not using them is a waste.)

Cars and stereo gear are very different. Start your car, watch the temperature gauge, and when it reaches it’s normal operating temp, you know it. Some stereo gear takes a while longer to stabilize. I conserve with the exception of my stereo, and being around a lot, it is being used. And if I am gone for a few hours, the dog enjoys some Green Day.

Like I think I said, I am not sure what cable he has with two stereo plugs on it, or how it is wired. I hope we can both agree, just buy the cables designed for that application. End of story.