Control point with browse tree visible

The eLyric control point has one advantage that I don’t believe anyone has mentioned, and it is significant for some of us.

I use FLAC files with a custom tag setup for my extensive classical collection. This means that sometimes I have to drill down pretty deep before I locate what I want to play. For instance, I might browse Mozart --> concertos --> violin --> concerto #1 --> soloist [if I have more than one version of concerto #1]. eLyric has a very helpful feature: it keeps the browse tree always visible at the left side of the screen. If I want to choose something by a different composer after selecting the violin concerto in my example, I can go directly to the composer list, while other control points make me tap the back button 5 or 6 times to begin the selection again–that gets real annoying.

So far I’ve seen only one other control point that displays the tree, PlugPlayer (upon which eLyric is based, probably not coincidentally). But PlugPlayer uses a narrow column that forces titles to constantly scroll, which I don’t like at all. Does anyone know of other control points, either iOS or Android, that display the tree this way?

@admin: Paul, I know you’ve said in other posts that you will continue to support the PWD app despite the difficulties (which, I know, are real). That’s the right move, since a high-end connected component like the PWD should have iOS and Android apps to control all its functions. Please don’t lose that browse tree display in any future revisions.