Fix for eLyric in iOS7 coming?

There is a known issue (at least since November of last year) that eLyric does not work for many with iPhone or iPad with the new iOS7. Simply crashes upon opening with my iPad. It will open on my iPhone, but crashes once the drive is selected. Is a fix coming or are we just to find something else to use? PS Audio has simply suggested Plug Player as a remedy.

Pretty disappointing that they are not addressing this yet as it really is a nice controller. I have been using Plug Player but don’t like it nearly as much as eLyric.

I also much prefer the eLyric controller to Plug Player and others I have tried. The official position, as I understand it, is no further development. But I hope PSA will change its mind about the controller. (I don’t think there is so much need for a PSA-specific music manager now that we have MinimServer, JRiver, etc.).