PS Audio Forum Web Site Suggestions

@Paul and the PSA web team. Not sure this bothers anyone else but I find it very frustrating to browse the forums after the website redo. The problem is that the menu dropdown that comes from the top level menu items is too big and comes down on just the mouseover. Then, you must mouse off of it to return it and even then there is a small delay.

Can you change it to react to clicks instead of mouseover? I think that would solve the issue. Otherwise a slightly errant mousing to the top to pick from the forum menu items can activate the dropdown.

Otherwise, the main site does certainly look good and has a fresh new feel.




I’ll second this complaint. If you use the back arrow at the top left of the window to return to the min forum page, you deal with the drop-down every single time.

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Hell, I had a hard time just moving my mouse up to click on the like heart.

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100% agreed.


Yup, kinda aggravating most of the time

Not sure if I’m the only one, but I personally feel very indifferent (also uncritical) about the new design. I see no disadvantage of it except the usual 6 to 12 months buggy time in case of a not thoroughly planned procedure and due to the „more white“ it looks somehow „more modern“…but I also fail to recognize noticeable improvements. Maybe I missed a thread about the new ideas.

I agree.

Totally agree with OP.
The website is wonderful for the most part except for that one issue.

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Hope this doesn’t offend anyone especially if he works at PSA but there’s something about the guy on the first home page hero image that doesn’t sit well with me. He’s good enough looking but kind of has a smug look on his face. It’s like he’s saying hey there, check out my cool pad and cool stereo. I’m very proud of myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only thing that caught my eye critically on this first page was, that his stereo is missing cabllng generally and probably a second speaker at a meaningful position, too (but maybe that’s an innovation we missed out on so far) :wink:

Otherwise the generally bigger and more prominent pictures and writing within the new site look good but take a bit too much space at least when browsing on an iPad imo.

The thread title scrolls away and if you’re as old as I am, one can get lost.
Please keep the thread title stationary whilst scrolling. thankst.


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My issue is different. I tend to do the following when I come to the site. The HiFi Family → Forums → Latest → The HiFi Family. At this point I try for Ask Paul. I never get Ask Paul, I get Ohm’s Law Podcast. However, when at Ohm’s Law Podcast and go to The HiFi Family, now I can get Ask Paul. Is this this just me or is it some sort of coding flaw.

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My site issues are probably related to my incompetence but on an IPad, the screen is cut off on the edges, and I cannot initiate a pm.

Yup, we’re on it. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll get it sorted out.


Glad this is getting fixed. Thanks Paul!

Also, my inner librarian is cringing at the website cover photo with the art book upside down and the records all askew. :joy:

Never had this problem (with the forum), works fine for me (Linux Mint, Firefox).

Or do you folks mean the main PS Audio site (where they sell stuff)?

I don’t know the friend on the homepage, is he someone known?

One of the nits I’d like to pick about the new PS Site is that I can’t see the title of the thread I’m in on my iPad. Had forgotten until now that the Title of this thread is “comparing” the Holo to the DS2… :man_shrugging: