"Coronavirus" - HIFI fair in Aarhus Denmark - again this year with PS audio

Come and visit the fair

The Danish PS audio dealer

More love Michael


Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has gained its expected entry into Denmark. A consensus board at High-Performance Audio has estimated that it is not justifiable to gather several thousand people for this weekend’s show in Aarhus. We therefore announce cancellation of the exhibition and the possible spread of viruses. The hotel rooms are small and the visits close together, the temperature in the rooms will naturally rise, which we find to be an inappropriate cocktail in connection with the spread of viruses. We urge the organizer and the other exhibitors to consider the situation.
It is regrettable, but we want security above all :pensive:


That’s a tough but wise decision. Stay healthy everyone.

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Thanks bro…

Ah…due to the headline I thought, PSA this year again spread the corona virus at the Aarhus show :wink:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :kissing_heart:

Hi Michael… just to clarify. Is the show canceled? or only High-Performance Audio’s exhibition within the show?

only High-Performance Audio’s exhibition within the show

Der andre udstiller kommer