Cover reproduction on the PWD display

Hi there!

I never succeeded to see the covers on the display of my PWD MkII. I am using a Netgear Ready NAS 314 and Elyric as the front end. Elyric does display the cover art on the IPhone or IPad, but I simply cannot get it to the display. I primarily listen to FLAC ripped via dbpoweramp directly from my CD’s. Would be happy for your advice!

Best wishes


Do you have an SD card in the slot (on the rear of the PWD, below Bridge expansion port)? The only way to display album art is with an SD card in the slot. If you have the card then it may be a bigger issue.

I assume you are using the Bridge as the input? It’s the only input that will display cover art on the PWD (or DS).

Thanks a lot, the SD card was not properly injected. Now it works!

Thankyou - discovered an upside down SD card that also needed reformatting … Cover art back!