JRiver MC Mac 21.0.50 loses artwork

I upgraded to .31 a few weeks ago and it no longer shows artwork on my PWD MkII. Then, I upgraded to .50 and the problem still persists. I changed the ethernet cables on all my devices (upgraded) and did a total restart of all things electronic in the system. Even unplugged the refrigerator (unrelated issue Smiley). Still can’t get the PWD to render artwork on the screen. JR hasn’t responded in general forum or the media network forum. Anyone have any idea what may be the problem.



Have you perhaps removed the SD card from the PWD? It is necessary to have an SD card in place to display album art, as this is used for the image storage.


That’s a good question. Also, JRiver seems to change a lot and I don’t trust it. It’s a fine program but can be a pain in the butt.

I did a quick test with JRiver .50 and got cover art OK. I tried both a PWD w/Bridge1, and a DS w/Bridge2.

Try erasing what is on your SD card and reinserting it. I have heard of issues with corrupt files on an SD card preventing cover art downloads.

I’ve reformatted to DOS on a 2GB SD card. No cover art with JRiver .50 or .66.


Resolved by an apparently-defective bridge, which was replaced by PS Audio.