Forum Skin Themes and their variety…

I realize that the available skins are probably fairly low on the priority list right now…


they do need a bit of attention none the less.

Thanks JJ

How so?

I like seeing the ‘last posted’ dates etc. on the main forum page but most of the alternatives make it rather hard to see this info, if it even shows up.

The dark background skins don’t have enough contrast with the text so reading is rather difficult.

And the text for most of the body text is rather ‘light’ (grey and thin lined fonts are used).

The majority of the skins use way too much in the way of pastel colors which limits the contrast to draw attention to the info of interest.

I could go on…

Of course I’m used to fairly well developed skins on other sites which provides a direct comparison to these.

And like I said I realize there are probably more important issues to deal with first.


Interesting. I can see everything fine, regardless of theme. (I changed mine to the least frilly as I prefer the simplest, most efficient streamlined format I can choose. I also use the smallest font.)

Perhaps it is a difference in monitors.

I can appreciate not being able to easily see things would be frustrating.

No, something has changed. The “first post”, “last post”, etc. text is no longer visible above and below the the text in blue with the default scheme (and other schemes are apparently not currently available/perhaps a fix is in the works?).

This was not the case yesterday.



This does not strike me as a skin/theme issue, but a matter of content; i.e., a different issue. Regardless, losing something you rely upon can be frustrating.

I have all the same information available now as before, at least as I recall. I am pretty low maintenance however.

“I am pretty low maintenance however.” - Elk

That’s what she said, and THEN I married her…facepalm-smiley-emoticon_gif4_gif


wglenn said "I am pretty low maintenance however." - Elk

That’s what she said, and THEN I married her…

I was involved in a one night stand that went horribly wrong.

We have been marrried for three years now…

@Frode - Sounds more like it went right, rather than wrong

SF said @Frode - Sounds more like it went right, rather than wrong
So you keep on saying, and I don't want to contradict you