Service department

Just wondering if there are any current issues with the service department? I’ve called with no answer, used the website to submit a need with no response, and even emailed two individuals with whom I had previously worked and nothing. All over the past 2 weeks of time, so I am not sure that all are still away on a vacation. Thanks for the help.

Actually covid restrictions has impacted their operations.

PS Audio service is 2nd to none…try pm jamesh the “whizkid”

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Our phones are struggling. There’s a problem with the fiber going into the building and they’ve had workers trying to repair it. Sorry about that. Hopefully it’ll soon be fixed. Email or to get a quicker answer.

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Like David said, you can always feel free to message or email me. I’ll do my best to help or make sure you get in the right hands. Sorry about the delays. How did companies even exist back in the day without highspeed internet and multiple phone lines…?


We were talking about that last week. Most everything went via US Mail so you wrote and sent a letter, it got delivered 3 days later, got read and maybe replied to within a couple of days then back in the mail and 3 more days later you got the reply. A little more patience was required. And long distance phone calls were expensive! I remember paying over a dollar a minute to talk with family a few states away.

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Thank you all for the quick responses. I just sent in an email with the service questions. I greatly appreciate your help.