DAC Shopping

Following a friend’s journey from a DSD MK1 to a DCS Rossini Apex has been a mind expanding experience. Who knew?


My Apex upgrade won’t be until September.

A n t i c i p a t i o n!


You kids and your toyz……

The only Apex I’d like to upgrade to!

Lottery dreams.

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Will be a new unit or a reworking job on the Bartok 2?

It’s an all new board. Including a new Ring DAC. I think the upgrade replaces ~70% of the interior components.


Figured I would post a couple pics now I’ve had it a couple months

Have thrown a lot of tube at it already with more to come but currently have settled on USAF 596 rectifier and NOS GE 6L6’s

A tight squeeze on the top shelf, no other option with the tubes and I simply must have the preamp on the top shelf, always have!

Absolutely loving it so far



Those Lampizator anode top caps are insulated, right?


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Cool, it’s a fab looking piece of kit :slight_smile:

Oh well, now look what’s new in my stack…

Happy DS owner infected with the upgrade upgrade virus went the bumpy road. Initially focussed on DS MKII but jammed on an incredible deal with this beauty. Sincerest apologies but couldn’t resist…

Still happy P10 owner though :wink:


You lucky, lucky boy !!!

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The top cap connectors on my equipment is ceramic.


Nicely done! dCS for the win!

Are you considering the Master Clock?


Of course he is !!! Unstacked Vivaldi looks very lonely.


After years of demonstrating its skill all over the place this Vivaldi fulfilled all its humble obligations. Strengthened with the Apex rejuvenation it is enjoying a well-deserved retirement at my home. Our love is mutual. Managing eachother is enough and for now I will not allow a threesome, not even with the Master Clock, period!

…hopefully i win the lottery before my new partner invites the Master to audition though. Once heard it can’t be unheard. The flesh is weak, never say never, future will tell…


Bringing back an old thread! I ended up pulling the trigger on a Bricasti M21…awaiting the second RJ-42 jack to be standard to send native DSD to it from the M19 once I get it in 2024! This hobby is fun and painful haha…

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wow, delta sigma and ladder

will be interesting to learn the relative merits in the same system and with the same DAC box

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After many months of reading many reviews and forum posts- grinding of teeth and anguish I finally ordered my MKll. They could have sent it out but I opted to wait a week to have mine with Massive already installed. Hope I won’t be disappointed. I probably would still be stuck on the fence if not for the trial period. Hope to finally be fully on board with digital.


I ended up with a Rossini APEX + Clock and an MPD-8 which snuck in from the sidelines. It is the one I am going to keep for the long haul.
Selling the rest of the heap to regain a few $ for the kitty.
Fun and expensive. :grin: