DAC Shopping

Congratulations Baldy. I would be right with you if my ship had come in. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Those two are virtually identical but the MPD-8 wins out by the slightest margin to my ears in my system and only after hours of listening.

The dCS is twice the money of the MPD-8 so I am selling it and will have funds left over for whatever is next.


yep my buddy got rid of all his PSA stuff and ended up going to Rossini DAC to simplify thingsā€¦loves it as wellā€¦the guys at JS Audio really know the DCS stuffā€¦


Adding an M20 to the system before the M19ā€¦at Bricasti now getting the display upgradeā€¦found a used one and sending it in to go thru and upgradeā€¦again love/hate this hobby :slight_smile:

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