Dang...there goes RMAF

Have to admit I was vaguely holding out hope that RMAF would happen, as unrealistic as that may seem. The way things have been, it just seemed such a long way off still. But hey - is what it is, and makes sense, sadly.

I’m not planning on going to any other Conventions this year :man_shrugging:t2: And I’ve worked lots of them professionally over the years. Where lots of my bread has been buttered, as it were.

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Me too. Was hoping either Axpona or RMAF would be my first show. Maybe next year …

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Totally First World Problems, admittedly.


Even when these shows return, there will be big changes. Can Jam is one of my favorites. Sanitizing headphones after each user, smaller crowd sizes being allowed. Imagine social distancing at an audio show. I just don’t see the trade shows being as useful to me, at least not in the near term. Not to mention, a lot of customers will be more cautious with discretionary spending. You already see folks unloading stuff on the audio equipment sale forums.

AXPONA would have been my 1st show as well.

Was listening to Matt Goss on the radio last night. A bit of a UK music hero. He lives in Vegas and has had a show there for 10 years. Currently supplying charity meals. (He and his brother are from Lewisham - very working class.) Don’t expect any large gatherings in the foreseeable. He was explaining that the Pres can say what he likes, it’s down to governors and mayors what happens in the states and locally.

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One hopes it is also up to “We The People of the United States of America…”. But that goes both ways. It’ll depend upon how much we’re willing to put our lives where our money is, or our money where our lives are. There will likely be “test case states” emerging over the summer and into the fall.

Having worked conventions and at convention facilities a lot over my career, I knew RMAF wouldn’t happen, it was just sort of way off in the future (waves vaguely) in October. So in the back of my mind, I guess I Was holding out hope. Sigh.