dc/ir socket

I am waiting delivery of the p/w transport and connot find any info about the dc/ ir socket on the rear of the unit .am I right in thinking that it can be used to power the unit up from a trigger output from a pre amp . thanks for any info

That is correct.

And welcome to the forum les! Let us know how it goes with your PWT.

thanks guys for the info and welcome ,will give an update when pwt arrives regards les

pwt arrived very happy with sound , but the dc/ir socket does not work from my pre does it need some programing thanks for any info regards pulling-hair_gifpulling-hair_gifpulling-hair_gifpulling-hair_gif

Hi @les

In the BHK pre-amp the trigger outputs are +12v (see below, from the pre-amp manual). It might be that your pre-amp isn’t supplying enough voltage to wake-up the PWT?

There are two trigger ports on the rear panel of the BHK Preamplifier. Each of the two trigger jacks
outputs a +12V signal to connected equipment when the BHK Preamplifier front panel standby button
is activated. The +12V signal will stop when the BHK preamplifier is in standby mode. These trigger
outputs are typically used to switch on/off compatible power amplifiers when the BHK Preamplifier is
active. The matching BHK Signature 250 or 300 power amplifier series has matching trigger inputs, as
do many other power amplifier types.

hi thanks for reply . I am using a audio research pre ,have checked output it is 12v it switches my quad power amp ok but wont switch the pwt have connected only the pwt to the pre still nothing . am not unduly concerned it is a minor issue but would be interesting to solve it many thanks regards les