DC LPS Power Cables Supply to Equipment

Looking to try something other than the stock cables that came with my LPS supplies

Foir of the cables to power Digital Straeming Equipment

NAS 12V 4 to 5.0 Amps
Cable modem12V Router and switch 4.5 amps
UltraRendu ethernet endpoint 7v 1amp
Matrix SPDIF 6 to 9v 1 amp
12V analog board in PS Audio

Ghent Sudio offers all sorts of options in wire cable snd connectors

Interested in hearing what people like and tried both regarding wire, insulation gage and metallurgy

Also will one wire type size and geometry excel at all or should I miss and match for optimum performance and sound ?

I just recently ordered a xlr to xlr for Legacy Audio wavelet to my HDPlex 300 LPS, and a xlr to 2.5mm for my Roon Nucleus plus to HDPlex 300 from Ghent Audio with great results. Ghent can make any cable configuration you need. I will suggest the expedited shipping and you receive within 3-4 days.

Ghent Gotham dc cables are really good and they ship from China,not UK as you thought somewhere earlier. I use them and I also tried Ghent made upocc but it is not as good to me ,I still have it for comparison.

Zenwave upocc dc copper wires are very good also,more eerie and a tad lighter but spacious vivid sound. Silver upocc is much lighter in comparison,even more spacious but lacks body and grunt. Didn´t like it too much. I would order Ghent Gotham and Zenwave copper upocc both. Try them in your system and pick your favorite.

My choice is Gotham :bat:…but it depends what your system calls for :slight_smile:

Which Ghent wire did you get?Any notable sound changes?

Zenwave is more custom and their site lacks specific. When you say zenwave is more eerie in what ways is it compared to the Gotham?

I have Ghent somethings as well.

Well I feel like Gotham is the best way to go with dc cables. Most realistic sound with lots of dynamics,body and texture of those that I have tried. Start from there: https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-gac4.html

It will be nice upgrade over those crappy stock dc cables. You´ll know they were crappy the second you install Gotham´s in :bat:

For HDPlex owners, if the original cables come with Neutrik plugs you could DIY upgrade them?

@Somppsa I have trusted your advice on Inakustik Ethernet cable and it has been solid though I have oscillated between the picks while making system changes. But found I still love those two flavors best with Referenz now back to audio to better match my DS Trsnsformer mod and CAT6 makes an amazing Apple an Fire TV feeder really improved the picture and sound is now sublime and bass hits hard. Some might be from moving unused LPS to my HDMI audio splitters

No reason to not learn from your DC cable choice experience at this point. I need some long cables, anyhow, to move that big HDPLEX 300 to my rack and keep the noisy computer streaming units distant. Luckily I have real estate under my left speaker with GAIA Titan providing enough clearance room on the floor to put the NAS, ultraRendu, Matrix, HDMI splitters and their short ethernet feeds. Using isolation the streaming boxes don’t seem to be excited up through the floor by the bass at reference levels, atleast by touch feel for vibration. I found a hand to be a good accelerometer in judging excitement of equipment’s cases. If you can’t feel vibration you also can’t hear it usually translating to thick unarticulated bass and mid bass.

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I have considered that but still have to source and order all the materials and then find time to rework them versus just enjoy. Seems I am never at a lull looking for new projects. Waiting to get to the audio ones done isn’t fun. i still have two other systems to tweak and boat stereo upgrade waiting for me as well as some adjustments to the outdoor pool and spa system. The damn curse of this hobby. The reference system gets the most effort and attention then the peripheral one’s lessen in their ability to satisfy as they once did. Because now you know the recipe to squeeze out just a little better sound from them all.

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