Farad AC Power Cable

I think the Farad LPS is the best one out there and now I’m wondering how their power cables are.

Has anyone tried one?

I have one in my F3, but not tried any other cable in its place, nor tried it else where. Sorry, that does not help much, does it :slight_smile:

Exact same answer here. I also bought their ac cable but have not compared it to anything so far. I have been burning in the whole unit for a week now and plan to do some trials later on with other cords. I also plan to order Gotham dc cables from Ghent to compare against Farad level2 copper dc cables. Farad ac cable was about 200€ with taxes ,so it was easy to add on shopping cart. Almost too easy,hmph. True audiophiles will order Shunyata Omega´s to go with it :grin:

Thanks all.

Btw, for a DC cable upgrade I def recommend the fully loaded ZenWave DC cable - significant improvement over the Ghent.