Farad AC Power Cable

I think the Farad LPS is the best one out there and now I’m wondering how their power cables are.

Has anyone tried one?

I have one in my F3, but not tried any other cable in its place, nor tried it else where. Sorry, that does not help much, does it :slight_smile:

Exact same answer here. I also bought their ac cable but have not compared it to anything so far. I have been burning in the whole unit for a week now and plan to do some trials later on with other cords. I also plan to order Gotham dc cables from Ghent to compare against Farad level2 copper dc cables. Farad ac cable was about 200€ with taxes ,so it was easy to add on shopping cart. Almost too easy,hmph. True audiophiles will order Shunyata Omega´s to go with it :grin:

Thanks all.

Btw, for a DC cable upgrade I def recommend the fully loaded ZenWave DC cable - significant improvement over the Ghent.

Hi @Somppsa - did you ever get a chance to compare the Farad AC and DC cables with others?

Surely did. Glad you asked because some results were interesting and some not so easy to predict. Like I said I used to favor Ghent Gotham dc cables over many others ,but with Farad3 I had Gothams maybe 2 or 3 days in and they didn´t sound as good as Farad level2 copper dc cables. I stopped there and haven´t used Gotham with Farads since. Now my interest is to put them in again,will report later if anything has changed.

But Farad ac power cable was also a surprise after all. I thought it was a bit dull and not so revealing with Farad3 and I tried it with BHK pre and same thoughts.They both had Cerious power cables prior that. Not bad at all but excitement was lost a bit etc…didn´t make my system sing.

Now I use different power cables all round ( so a major change in overall sound ) and I put Farad ac cable to DSD dac and “voila” :slight_smile: It just likes to be there. Tried all kinds of combos and it stays there.
So is it easy to say something is better than the other,no. It all depends the rest of the gear…but for a price and now also SQ wise I do recommend that Farad ac power cable. Maybe you will find a good place for it. I sure did,but it was also close to be left over.

If you are thinking about buying Farad lps,go all in with ac and dc power cables. I´m thinking of getting another ac powercord just for the fun of it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, very interesting! I already have a Farad Super3 but was curious about their AC cables thinking they were probably designed to match the Super3 and they are reasonably priced (relatively). I will probably order one to try on my DSD and move the Shunyata Alpha that is there to the Super3 and do some listening.

I’m a big fan of the silver DC cables from Zenwave but the Farad cord is still tempting.

I used Zenwave copper and silver wires too and they are great dc cables. They are sadly not made to work with Farad output connector ,but Hdplex xlr to dc and Uptone LPS1.2 dc to dc ends.

Well you never know unless you try :slight_smile: Curiosity costs,but in this case not so much :grin:

Newsflash: Dave now makes cables with the Farad connector. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Another newsflash: Gotham dc cable took about a week to burn in and it is staying. So much better now :slight_smile: Presentation is more fun and real with added dynamics,color,prat etc…maybe a tad less transparent but more goodies.
In this case Farad3 is powering ER with Gotham dc cable.

My another Farad3 still uses their level2 dc copper cable powering router. For now… :sweat_smile: Everything sounds so good that I have no hurry to swap them.

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I have the Farad with a copper and a silver Level 2 cable. Currently I like the “fresher” and technically better sounding silver more, in combination with the DS DAC, which is a little on the laid back side. I will see if it stays like that long term.

By the way, here’s a new review:


I bought that cable for my Super3 but the connector going into the DSD is incorrect for my power board, so it’s not in use darn it.

I have both the Level 2 silver and Level 2 copper DC cables. In my system, the silver has a bit more elevated high frequencies and more image focus than the copper. The bass is also a bit more taut with the silver. Depending on how your system is balanced, it may sound better with the copper version if you need to back off on the brightness a bit and sweeten the midrange a little. Both cables are really pretty good and do not hold back any resolution you have in your system.
Before I was using the silver for the sheer liveliness of the sound, now I’m using the copper for a little more tamed presentation.