Wywire Diamond Interconnect cables or any other Wywire cables

Any experience with Wywire Interconnect cables specially their high end cables like diamond , platinum and silver cables ?

I have a Wywires platinum headphone cable 3.5mm (for DC Audio Ether2) and a Wywires Red headphone cable 4Pin XLR with an XLR to 6.3mm adapter (For HD 800). Both sound good. The Wywires platinum 1/8" plug (3.5mm) connector is flakey, and I am going to replace the connector with a 6.3mm Eidolic plug. Bought the platinum second hand so no warranty service applies.

Alex is pretty good about warranty service , i would have given him a call I had bunch of cable looms to try out short listed two vendors Zenwave & Wywire , Zenwave silver cables and D4 IC but in the end decided most cables are system dependent Since I own Daedalus Poseidon MTM speakers DSD , QuiickSilver mono amps and as transport I use Oppo 205 I felt Wywire better reflected and complimented my system , very happy with the choice I made

Thanks. I purchased an Eidolic 1/4" plug and will get around to just repairing it myself.

I use the Platinum speaker cables and a Platinum power cord with my DeVore Gibbon X/Bel Canto Black Ex Integrated set up, and have the Platinum headphone cable as well. (Using some old Analysis Plus power cords elsewhere in the system). I’ve been very pleased with the performance. The Diamond stuff is really, really expensive, even with the current 40% off sale at the WyWires site, so I haven’t heard any of it … One plus for me is that the cable isn’t firehose-sized or rainbow-hued so it is very unobtrusive.

I purchased a set of interconnects and several S/PDIF cables from Alex. In my systems and to my ears, they are outstanding. They have a clarity and naturalness that other cables are lacking. Alex can also modify any of his cables to meet your needs. Highly recommended.

I just got their USB cable (Silver), which is on sale (40% off for now, on all levels). It was a step up from many-years-old Wireworld Starlight that I paid … $85? for? … MSRP anyway … not the highest=end option … Anyway, kind of blown away at how much better things sound (using my old Bel Canto C7R in a desktop system, with 2018 Mac Mini, and Focal Utopia headphones). All the qualities for which WyWires is known for … air and depth of detail, just more music … Kind of wish I’d popped for the Platinum, but for $299 (sale price) I think it’s considerable bang for buck. I don’t want to sound like an evangelist for the brand, but it’s great to find stuff that you both enjoy hearing music with and that also represents a direct extension of a single designer, who’s also replying to the emails, and finding ways to make expensive products more affordable. It’s as important to me as the gear itself … what sort of thinking and integrity lies behind it. Ethics is the aesthetics of the future, and all.