dCS Network Bridge to DSD Snr

Agreed re the extra cables etc and I don’t think the extra cables etc would enhance AES, that was in my original post. Next question - have a recommendation for an excellent digital XLR cable?

Do you mean ‘that the dcs can filter out’?

I bought Atlas Cable, scottish very high regarded brand, excellent price performance ratio, dCS - Direct Stream match would be:
Atlas Mavros AES/EBU:
Atlas Mavros AES/EBU

Price level 2018:
0.50m € 365,00
0.75m € 410,00
1.00m € 455,00
1.50m € 545,00
2.00m € 635,00
3.00m € 815,00

I do not work for them, neither do I have any relation, but even the Element series (bottom of their line) is very very good with my Stellar Gain Cell DAC and I have 5m distance between my iMac and the SGCD, just their USB and it sounds fantastic, no noise, hiss or anything els just dynamic listening without fatigue.

Gotta stay British with the dCS Bridge, just being a snub :wink:

That as well, yes

Belkin BAV XLR (Belden 2468):


You may find this earlier thread useful:

Thanks - I currently use the Gen 2 4x4 interconnects and love them.

As a transplanted Brit I totally know where you’re coming from :smile:

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Thanks @davidl - that was indeed useful.

Iconoclast UPOCC Gen II. They are outstanding.

I don’t believe the Gen 2 are meant for digital use. Gen 1 and BAV only.

I would recommend the Sonore Signature Series Rendu instead. It has I2S output that was designed to be used with PS Audio’s I2S standard. No conversion to SPDIF at all. The signal remains I2S from source to DAC. You can feed a DAC pure DSD too. Extremely high quality power supply is included and, like the dCS, the output is reclocked using high quality Crystek oscillators. It sounds wonderful paired with the Directstream DAC.

Are you sure? I didn’t think so.

Yes, I own one. You might be looking at the SE version with USB output. Here is an overview and review:

That’s old. I think the new one only outputs USB.


“The Signature Rendu SE takes fiber optic Ethernet input or cable ethernet input and renders it to a perfect, ultra-low noise USB feed to one’s USB DAC.”

Yeah, and? The dCS is “old” too. It’s been out for years. That doesn’t mean it sounds bad. Why convert to SPDIF if you don’t have to. I2S is the preferred input for the Directstream DAC.

Not what I’m saying. Sonore has changed their product configuration.

Doesn’t mean you can’t find one with I2S still…

Do you know how well it plays with Roon, is it an endpoint? I heard there were some issues with this one.


You can use a Sonore microRendu with this software to make it a Roon endpoint. Essentially the microRendu passes along the digital audio to the SSR. See here: