Debating PP3 or SP3

Long time visitor and just now getting to be a part of the forums.

I’m looking for my first regenerator and will power my CD/DAC, preamp, streamer and possibly my DNA-1 amp but the amp is not decided yet to be connected to either regenerator.

The CD/DAC pulls about 20W, the preamp about 7W, streamer could pull as much as 100 watts through its SWPS (Aries Mini). However, I will be getting a LPS for the Aries and still pulls about 1A max.

Does the PP3 have a higher continuous output than the SP3? The 300W of the SP3 could be plenty, may also work on the amp if I remove the streamer as the amp pulls about 130W, 160-170W at high volumes.

Was considering the P5 but I hear the SP3 if my usage allows, would be the better choice in terms of performance.

Some PP3’s and PP5’s are at a good price on the used market, the SP3 with trade in is attractive. The p12 is out of my budget at the moment.

I appreciate all input and criticism.

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Personally, I would buy the Stellar P3. You get a new unit with three year warranty, and with a max trade in, it would be in the same neighborhood price wise as used P5. I own a P5 and a P12. Great units, but my guess is the Stellar P3 will run everything. Check with @jamesh on Monday…

I would second that. The newer technology is much better sounding.

Thanks for the reply.

Forgive the typo, meant to say SMPS for the Aries but you probably know that.

I will look to the Stellar P3, thanks. With regards to the PP3, I see the (VA) rating but not the wattage, not sure on the power factor of my equipment unless I’m figuring this incorrectly. Only for general knowledge though I did read the threads on these and many have asked the same question regarding the SP3 vs P5 amd similar.

Thank you for all that you do.

I third it, but it’s certainly a close call. With the gear you listed above, you’ll be great with the Stellar P3. The output of teh Stellar is superior over the old P3 and the P5. I would recommend the P5 if your system was more demanding, or if you were planning to expand soon.

Comfortably, I like to keep the Stellar P3 at about 250w - 270w. Obviously without the display it’s a bit of a guessing game.

Old P3 was comfortable at about 450w. Much more than this and it will begin getting quite hot.

And just like the P12, the P5 is fairly comfortable up to about 850w. Though if on paper your system is rated at about 850w, I wouldn’t recommend a P5 or P12. You’d need something like the P15 or 20.

To sum it up, the Stellar P3 would be my choice, but if you do plan on growing the system in the near future, the P12 is your best bet. Always feel free to email me and we can work out best pricing with your trade.