Any plans on a Stellar P5 or P7?

The reason I ask, and forgive me if this has already been covered, IMO, the P3 is borderline too small for a small to medium system and the P12 is overkill for most small to medium systems.

Granted the P3 has a high surge, but 300W continuous leaves little for growth. A 500W unit would be perfect, and allow for a TV to be added, especially a plasma.

There’s quite a gap from 300W to 1250W, I agree 300W is plenty for most, but trying to stay under the max continuous load rating.

So my current situation is, I want to speculate I’m not the only one, but I believe the previous P5 would work great, but I’m looking at the newer DSD technology. The P12 is out of the current budget given the component upgrades I’m looking at, and the P3 even for the price, leaves very little room for growth so I don’t want to pull that trigger.

So this is why I haven’t purchased a regenerator yet, kinda stuck in limbo.

Maybe I’m the odd ball out, but just wanted to share my thoughts, I love what PSA does for their customers, and I’m sure I will end up with the components that bring my system together.

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Agreed! Although the P3 fits my “current” component needs, I also would have seriously considered a Step-Up that fell between the P3 vs P12 power output and price! This would have allowed a little more headroom for me to upgrade power amp components in the future (like the M700 to M1200). I’m good for now, but would also like to see that gap filled in by PSA!! :+1:



So I assume the answer is either “no” or “not going to say” :wink:

The most realistic answer for the short to mid-term is no, there really aren’t plans for one anytime soon. We do have plans to expand the stellar line further, but I haven’t heard any specifics on this for quite a while. We have asperations to make some more power hungry gear in the Stellar line which would certainly make something like a P7 a desirable PowerPlant size. But for now, just ideas on napkins.

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