Older P5 vs. Stellar P3

I don’t have the budget for a P12, but have been very happy with the addition of the P5 in my system since it was new in 11/11. I just wonder if updated technology is surpassing the P5 at the lower level.

The system has a PW Player and PW DAC, plus Roon Nucleus and amplification by Rogue Cronus Magnum III.

Buy a SP3

Slightly stretch the budget and buy @Veneet’s P20 and just be done with it.

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Can you explain the basis for your opinion/choice. SP3 is not firmware upgradeable, P5 is. I own P5 and P12. Curious what makes you feel the Stellar regenerator has a leg up. Thanks.

What does a firmware upgrade do to a power regenerator as it’s base capabilities to do it’s basic function are what they are.

Cost, if you don’t feel you need the screen and so forth - it is based on the P20, just scaled down. Most people never come close to using the power capability.

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If you’re within the power limits of the P3, which by your gear list it seems like you are, then your system will sound better with the P3. However, if you plan to make some upgrades soon, stick with the P5 for now and upgrade to a P12 when the time comes. Simply put, the power and output impedance on the P3 is better, but the P5 can handle more current.

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Feature upgrade? The PPs firmware is upgraded infrequently, but does occur from time to time. Once the server is back online maybe we get a firmware upgrade.